Guidelines for Prayers

The Islamic Center of Vallejo is now open for the five daily prayers and weekly Jummah prayers. No other activities are currently being resumed; only prayers.

These are the guidelines for prayers at the masjid going forward, as per the State of California, Solano County, and the Islamic Center of Vallejo.

General guidelines

These guidelines apply at all times, including during Jummah prayers. See below for guidelines specific to Jummah.

  • Everyone must wear a face mask inside the masjid.
  • Bring your own prayer rug or similar item.
  • Everyone’s body temperature will be checked at the entrance.
  • Make wudu (ablutions) before coming to the masjid.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from other people, including during prayers; we will have the musallahs (prayer halls) appropriately marked to make this easy. Refrain from shaking hands, hugging, and other physical contact.
  • Please leave once the prayer is over.
  • No food will be allowed to be served or offered at the masjid.
  • There can be no more than 100 people in the masjid at any time.
  • Older people and those with a compromised immune system are requested to stay home for their own safety.
  • People with allergies, flu-like symptoms, respiratory issues, or fever, or who have any reason to think they may be sick, are strongly encouraged to stay home for the protection of the whole community.

Jummah Guidelines

These are guidelines that are specific to Jummah prayers. All general guidelines listed above also apply to Jummah prayers.

  • Due to the limited maximum capacity of 100 people as specified by the state guidelines, we will have three Jummah (Friday) prayers at the masjid; the prayers will start at 1:15pm, 1:50pm, and 2:25pm.
  • Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed in the masjid for Jummah prayers.
  • Please leave immediately after the prayer is over, in order to make room for people coming for the next prayer. Do not socialize in the parking lot after prayers.

Stay Informed

These guidelines are subject to change. Please make sure to check in regularly for any updates. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter; major updates will be delivered to your inbox.

4 Replies to “Guidelines for Prayers”

  1. Mrs sukeena ali

    I hope and pray each and every one must follow the guidelines. If not it will not take very long time to close the masjid by local law enforcement authorities again .

  2. Sr. Amal

    Thank you for the keeping the community updated with the latest state and county guidelines and restrictions. May Allah protect this community.

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