Thank you!

Thank you to the 150+ people who came to the Vigil for Christchurch on Wednesday evening at the Islamic Center of Vallejo. It was a wonderful, inspirational event. Many different communities were represented, and many new friendships and connections were formed.

It was very moving to hear messages of hope and love from so many people. As many people said on Wednesday evening, let’s make sure that this gathering and bonding of our shared community is not a one-time event in response to tragedy, but an ongoing and enduring effort.

The Islamic Center of Vallejo has been involved in local interfaith events for many years, and we’ve hosted an annual interfaith event for the past few years. We’re planning for this year’s event to take place this summer. If you’d like to stay informed about our various interfaith and community outreach activities, you can subscribe to that email list.


We plan on posting a summary of this amazing event in the next few days. Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who helped spread the word about the vigil, and everyone who was not able to attend in person but was with us in spirit. We appreciate you.

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