Statement on George Floyd

The Islamic community of Vallejo, CA is disturbed, broken-hearted, and deeply grieved over the cruel and unjust death of George Floyd. Our deepest condolences, sympathies, and prayers are with his family.

The life of George Floyd was ended by those sworn to protect and serve. They became his judge, jury, and executioner.

We condemn hate in all its forms and stand together to end injustice against blacks and all other minorities, in the name of God.

The black community has been discriminated against and marginalized for far too long. Political leaders continue fanning the flames of discord, bigotry, and violence, behavior which is cowardly, weak and dangerous. At this challenging time our nation needs real leadership which can unite us all, not divide us.

We pray for reconciliation and unity amongst all people. We are all God’s creations. Respect and love each other, which in turn will make this great nation of ours much greater in the eyes of the world, as well as in the eyes of God, our Lord of all.

Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all the religions of the world teach, preach, and practice equality for all human beings, a principle which is also enshrined in the United States Constitution. Let’s put into practice that which we so loudly proclaim. May Allah guide us towards peace, unity, and safety for all. Ameen.

Mohammed Yunus
Islamic Center of Vallejo

Anger is the minds fire, that burns away the forest of merits.

2 Replies to “Statement on George Floyd”

  1. Shafi Refai

    Masha Allah very eloquent statement. May Allah reward you for this. Muslims should also participate in the protests for excesses committed against the black community.

    • Shereen Khan-Amrikani LMFT

      Thank you for making this critical public statement against racial injustice, police brutality, and poor political leadership. Thank you for the push for action. There is so much we can all do and the time is now. Participating in local protests against injustice, supporting Black businesses, organizing politically and voting for just policies, financially supporting civil rights organizations, reviewing and helping to revise misinformed curriculums taught in our schools, supporting social services and organizations that provide much needed resources to Black/communities of Color/disenfenachized families, fighting racial intolerance within our communities of Color and religious organizations…these are all good starts. It gives me hope that the Islamic Center of Vallejo is taking a stance and calling for action.

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