Ramadan 2021 (1442 AH)

Update: The moon has been sighted!

Ramadan Mubarak!

The moon has been sighted! The first night of taraweeh will be tonight, Monday, and the first day of fasting will be tomorrow, Tuesday. For more information, continue reading.

Ramadan at the Masjid

Due to COVID-19, some things will be different at the masjid this year. Most notably, there will be no dinner provided at the masjid at all this Ramadan, on any days. There will be a simple iftar every day; dates, fruit, and water will be provided for people to break their fast before Maghrib. But again, there will be no dinner provided on any night.

There will be Taraweeh prayers at the masjid every night this Ramadan, alhamdulillah. Taraweeh will begin after Isha. There will be 20 rakaʿāt every night; 8 rakaʿāt, followed by a short bayan (lecture), followed by the remaining 12 rakaʿāt.

As always, please make sure to park your cars appropriately, both in the parking lot and on the street. Double-parking and blocking of the street or our neighbors’ driveways cannot be tolerated.

Noise must also be minimized, out of respect for our neighbors and for people who are praying, especially during Taraweeh. Please watch your children and make sure that they do not get out of hand.

COVID-19 Precautions

These guidelines apply at all times on the masjid property.

  • Everyone must wear a face mask inside the masjid.
  • Bring your own prayer rug or similar item. If you don’t have one, the masjid will provide one for you.
  • Everyone’s body temperature will be checked at the entrance.
  • Make wudu (ablutions) before coming to the masjid.
  • Maintain social distance from other people, including during prayers. Refrain from shaking hands, hugging, and other physical contact.
  • Please leave once you are finished praying. Don’t disturb the neighbors.
  • There can be no more than 100 people in the masjid at any time.
  • Older people and those with a compromised immune system are requested to stay home for their own safety.
  • People with allergies, flu-like symptoms, respiratory issues, or fever, or who have any reason to think they may be sick, are strongly encouraged to stay home for the protection of the whole community.

Annual Fundraiser

We will hold our annual fundraiser on Saturday, April 24th, after the first 8 rakaʿāt of Taraweeh, for 20 minutes. We will make a further announcement about it as the date approaches.

Iftar Drive Thru

We will be having two iftar drive-thru events, during which people will be able to come to the masjid for curbside pickup of a boxed dinner. They will take place on Sunday, April 25th, and Sunday, May 9th, both from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

At the same time, we will be accepting donations to the masjid, Zakat, Zakat ul-Fitr, and Sadaqa, for the convenience of anyone who would like to drop those off in this way.


Please donate generously to the masjid. As you may know, due to the effects of the pandemic, the masjid’s revenue has been down for the past year. We need the help of our community in order to cover the masjid’s expenses.

We accept donations online via credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal. You can make a one-time donation in this way, or you can sign up for a recurring donation, with the choice of having it recur either weekly, monthly, or every quarter (three months). You can also donate in-person at the masjid, either in the donation boxes in each musallah, or by coming to the front office. If you’d like to send a check, you can address it to Islamic Center of Vallejo, P.O. Box 1281, Vallejo, CA 94590.

You can find more information on our donation page.

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