Food Drive Pick-Up Day on Sunday, May 10th

Due to the hardships many people are experiencing during the ongoing coronavirus situation, the Islamic Center of Vallejo has begun operating a food drive program, in hopes that we can assist any families in our community, Muslim or non-Muslim, that need assistance in this difficult time. There have already been a few events, with more to come. To learn more, please visit the food drive page.

Assalamu alaikum! We hope everyone is having a happy and safe Ramadan!

We will be hosting another food drive pick-up day this Sunday, May 10th, from 2-4pm. Anyone who is in need of assistance, or who knows someone who is, is encouraged to come by the masjid and pick up a package of food essentials. See below for the pick-up procedures in place to keep everything moving efficiently and safely.

For those who don’t know, the address is 1181 Lewis Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94591.

We ask that anyone who is interested in picking up a package for themselves or others fill out this form so that we can more accurately determine the level of demand. If you’re not able to pick up a package, let us know by filling out the same form, and we can arrange delivery.

We would like to encourage everyone to feel comfortable to come forth during this time. If for any reason you are unable to come to any of the drive thru times we are willing to deliver the items to your doorstep.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Sr. Leena at 309-648-4539 or Sr. Amal at 510-734-5368 if we can assist in any other way.

Pick-Up Procedures

Please wear a mask and stay in your car during pick-up.

  1. Enter through the main gate, where there will be a sign announcing the food drive.
  2. The rest of the parking lot will be blocked off; continue straight, towards the front entrance of the building.
  3. If there’s someone ahead of you, please wait for one of our volunteers to come assist you. They will direct you from there.
  4. We will load the packages into your car. Please stay in the car while we do so.

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